9 Health Benefits Of An Apple


Apple is known as the magic fruit, List of benefits of an apple is much higher than any other food. Doctors, Physicians, gym trainers, Diet planners, you can ask anyone about apple and you would be surprised that every one of them will recommend you to eat apples. Recent studies show that two types of apples namely Delicious Red and Granny Smith are considered to be best among apples and holds 12th And 13th Position in the list of richest Anti oxidants foods. An average size apple contains around 4 grams of fiber, hence apple is also one of the best supplier of fiber.

Some Interesting info about Apples

Apple belongs to Rosaceae Family of trees, it is a family of medium sized trees. Apple was originated in the mountains of kazakhastan which are rich in the minerals, then they are cultivated in all over the world. The botanical name of apple is Malcus Domestica. China holds the rank one position in apple production followed by USA and Turkey, Poland,India.

Few benefits of apples are listed here


1. Improved Immune system

The Red apple contains a special type of antioxidant Qurecetin, This special antioxidant is capable of increasing the immune power, Thus increasing the ability of the body to fight diseases.

2. Improved vision

As we all know with the increase in the age, there is a chance to develop a cataract in the eye. A rich diet full of antioxidants reduces the chances of development of cataract .

Benefits of apple over body3. Natural weight control

Instant energy supply and low calories are the specialties of apple, thus an apple is a natural weight reducer, Rich fiber food gives you energy with low fat. Also the best test and feel good factor about apple is an extra edge.

4. Helps digestion

As we all know now a day lifestyle is giving many digestion problems due to less physical activity and due to many other reasons our body is giving many types of digestion problems. As an apple is very rich in fiber content, Fiber extracts the water from the colon and supply it to the digestive system.

5. A gifted smile

Yes an apple can gift you a healthy smile. The process of chewing of apple is natural plaque removal process, continuous chewing increase secretion of saliva, which lowers the rate of decay and gives you whiter and brighter teeth.

6. Lower risk of diabetes

Eating an apple gives a benefit that it easily dissolves the sugar in the blood, hence lowering the chances of diabetes.

7. Gives protection against cancer

A recent scientific study reveals the key ingredients present in the apple namely Triterpenoids and Flavonol, which acts as an anti growth agent for cancer developing cells. Also the regular inclusion of apple in the diet reduces the size of tumor development in rats. The detailed research is going on for the benefits of apple for the cancer.

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8. Memory improvement

Rats which are fed with Apple dose continuously found with increased memory in the Maze test. As we all know that rats and human genes behaves same in many tests, The same experiment on human may stand valid. Many nutritionists always suggest the apple as a priority fruit for everyone.

9. Detoxification

Our body is constantly fed up with the different types of toxins in the means of cold drinks and many other harmful juices. Function of detoxification is mainly carried out by liver itself. So apple can be a beneficial to detoxify our Liver.

Precautionary Measures For Eating Apples

Always wash the Apple you are going to eat. It is possible that it may have a pesticide over it. You should be aware of allergies that may cause to you by apple. Many people are allergic to apple. I would rather suggest that if you are going to try any new species  then you should check its ingredients.

But apart from all of the above precautions Apple is a great fruit to enjoy…..!!!

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