no weight gain in holiday season

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Holiday season!

If there’s one thing about festivities in India which most people love and hate at the same time, it’s scrumptious food ! It’s a delightful experience when they get to relish yummy food without any interruptions from anyone and savour every bite in their mouth. It literally sends them into food coma. But what brings them back from there is their worry regarding weight loss and other health issues. Don’t fret because this article is just about that. It will mention tips and tricks which will help you enjoy lip smacking dishes without making you gain extra kilograms. Let’s get started with them!

1)Eat before a party/outing

eating at home

– This is what most people do when they have an evening get together with their friends or family: Stay hungry till evening thinking they won’t gain extra weight however they end up over-eating at their dinner party. Did you count yourself in? This is the most foolish thing you can do. It’s important that you eat properly during the day so that you don’t feel extremely hungry when you go out and binge on just everything available there. It’s best that you have a fruit or two before heading out for your outing. You can even have a herbal tea to suppress your hunger. 

2) Exercise every day

exercise daily

– This goes without saying! The only person who would be listening to your silly excuses is you. Exercise every day without any fail. If you know you will be out till night, get up early in morning and spare an hour for your walk or workout session. If you skip doing exercises all together during this festive season, you won’t just end up gaining a lot of weight but also looking drab. You don’t want to go out and greet your guests with a dull face. Do you? So make sure you make time for it out of your 24 hour schedule every day.


eating at intervals

– One of the best ways to avoid temptation and giving in to every mouth-watering delicacy upon seeing it is by keeping yourself feeling full. Eating every 2-3 hours is extremely beneficial in many ways. Firstly, it keeps metabolism rate in check. Secondly, it keeps stomach full thereby helping you to keep away hunger pangs for a long time. When you already feel full, there are lesser chances of you getting attracted to the love of your life i.e. oily food and sweets. You can have fruits, nuts, healthy snacks and even Apple cider vinergar which helps tame hunger

4) Keep an eye on your portion size

your portion of cake

– As mentioned before, you don’t have to stop eating your favourite food but rather put a limit on it. There’s no need on your part to go hiding in your room just because your house is filled with enticing aroma of blissful food that can lift up anyone’s mood. Just ensure that you control your portion size and do not put food which is falling off from your plate. Do this and you will also feel much more satisfied after eating rather than regretting it.

5) Watch how you eat

what you eat

– After you have mastered the art of controlling your portion size, watch how you eat. This means that you should eat slowly so that you chew the food completely and it also gets digested properly. If you are not doing it this way, the food will not get broken down and the fat will start to accumulate in your body.

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