benefits of curd

Benefits of CURD OR YOGURT


In this post we will see various benefits of curd. With its awesome taste, there are many benefits of curd to the human body, especially to the hairs and skin. Inclusion of curd in the daily diet is helpful for proper digestion. If we use curd with spicy food, then special ingredients in curd can easily dissipate the heat created form spicy food.

                     Reduced stress      Reduced stress

Reduced stress is also one among the many benefits of curd or yogurt, Now a day stress level is increased and which is causing many heart disease. Curd having ability to control blood pressure levels, helps in prevention of the heart diseases. Another important aspect is that it also posses the ability to reduce the cholesterol, which is also helpful for prevention of heart diseases.

improved digestion

                       Improved Digestion

Improved digestion is also included in the benefits of curd. Drinking milk directly is heavy to digest compared to the curd, curd’s lactic acid is derived from lactose which is present in the milk. The bad bacteria present in the curd fights against the various types of microorganisms which causes illness.


Improved Skin Glow

hair care with curdMany home made face packs uses curd as an ingredient. Various nutrients such as vitamin E and zinc give a glow to skin. The acids present in the curd reacts with the skin and removes the dead cells giving us brighter and shiner skin, but it is advised not to apply curd alone to skin.

             Hair care product

The same lactic acid, which can digest your food, can also remove fungal infection or dandruff from the hairs. Thus increasing benefits of curd further.

Improved bone strength

For strengthening of bones we require calcium, which is easily available in the curd. Improved bone strength is a major one among benefits of curd.


Curd or yoghurt can be a tremendous calorie burner because of the calcium in it. A recent study shows that cortisol which is a hormone secreted by our body in response to low sugar level of the body. Though secretion of cortisol is necessary for maintaining glucose level, but excessive fat around our waistline increases amount of cortisol secretion. Calcium reduces the amount of excessive cortisol.

Things to know before eating curd or yogurt

  1. The acidic level of curd is very high therefore it should be aEATING CURDvoided by those peoples who are going through the problem of acidity. Especially in summer when the atmosphere is very hot.
  2. If you are going through the problem of cough or cold then eating curd should be avoided, as it may increase the cough or cold level due to its acidic properties.
  3. Curd may cause increase in the joint pain due to its acidic nature.
  4. Eating curd at night should be avoided because at night we consume less amount of water and acids present in curd requires more amount of water to interact.
  5. Many people don’t eat curd due to its irritating taste but if you mix the curd with additives like sugar, salt it tastes really awesome.

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