think you know how to drink water

Think You Know How To Drink Water?

People usually don’t take drinking water seriously. But what if I tell you that the process which you are doing daily 5 to 6 times since your childhood, you are doing it wrong. Yes, you are drinking the water in the wrong manner. Answer the following Question to yourself.

First ask yourself following questions then read the Answers to know how to drink water properly

You dont know how to drink water??

1. Do you stand up while drinking water?

If yes, then you are drinking the water in a wrong way. You should drink the water by sitting down, You might be wondering why you should sit down?

Here is your answer…..

If you are drinking anything while standing it goes straight into the lower esophagus, esophagus is a scientific term used for food pipe, the food pipe, i.e. esophagus is being closed at the two ends by two rings, those rings are known as sphincters, when you drink water while standing it hits the lower ring i.e. lower sphincter, this constant process causes expansion of lower ring which is not good for the digestion process.

2. Do you drink a glass of water continuously?

If Yes, then you are doing it wrong. Drinking water continuously doesn’t allow the proper amount of oxygen to mix with water. You should drink water slowly sip by sip, this process allows oxygen to mix with water, hence we get adequate amount of oxygen.

3. Do you drink more water at a time?

If Yes, then you are doing it wrong. Water should be consumed throughout the day, sip by sip after adequate intervals. If we drink more water at a time, our body is not able to absorb the whole amount of water and most of it will run out through excretion.

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4. Do you prefer cold water?

If Yes, then you are doing it wrong. Drinking very cold water affects the digestion system, Our body requires internal stomach heat for proper digestion. The cold water affects the stomach heat, which is digesting the food , therefore room temperature water is always advised by the experts. Warm water is always beneficial for our body as it helps in digestion, and warm water is less affected by the germs.

5. Do you drink a glass of water after your meal?

If Yes, then again, you are doing it wrong. It is advised by the dieticians that we should not consume water after our meal for at least two hours. Again the reason is same, the body needs the stomach heat for digestion. If we drink the water immediately after the meal, it decreases the stomach heat and causes indigestion problem. It is advised that you can take a sip or two while having a meal, Because it helps the body acids to easily dissolve the food intake. Always consider your stomach divided into three parts, the half part of the stomach to be filled with the food i.e. our meal, second quarter should be filled with water and the remaining quarter of the stomach should be empty.

6. Do you drink water only when you feel thirsty?

If you are allowing your body to be thirsty then it is not good for health, As we all know that thirst is the natural indication of dehydration process, Never allow your body to feel so thirsty. Always keep a proper supply of water to your body.

7. How much of water you should drink in a day?

Consumption of water by an individual mainly depends on his body weight and the climatic conditions in which he lives. Your intake of water should increase with your weight proportion. But by considering an average individual whose weight is around 60 to 70 kg, should drink about 8 to 10 glasses. There is an another trick that by acknowledging your natural urge of drinking water calculate the amount and make it double for safer side.

benefits of drinking water

Water is a very helpful, water is known as universal fluid. So here is the correct way to drink water. I hope you enjoy with this Question – Answer session of how to drink water in a proper way. So share it with your family and friends and spread the importance of the correct way to drink water.

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