Easy Office Exercises/Workout On Desk For You


It sounds funny to do exercises in the office or exercises at your desk, but there are some very simple tricks that can give you relief from pain easily. Now a day most of people who are working in offices or students who sit for very long at the desk, face various kinds of pains in their various body parts. The most common problem is back pain which is caused by prolonged sitting in the same place. To avoid such pain, there are some easy tricks which you can easily apply by giving very less effort. If you workout or exercise daily in the morning you will face many less complains by your body in a whole day. But due to improper timing of jobs it is not possible for everyone. You can reduce your pain by easy desk exercises mentioned below.
Stretching for office, exercises/workouts

1. Initial stretching starts with stretching your neck

Stretching of neck for office exercise
· Sit on the chair straight
· Move your head toward your Left
· Hold that position for 10 seconds
· Come to initial state
· Again, try the same for the right side
· Repeat this for 2 to 3 times
This office exercises are very helpful if look at the screen continuously, it relaxes the neck and also gives a break to your eyes who gets tired of continuous working. If you close your eyes during this office exercises you will feel very much relaxed.

2. Stretching of arms’ for office exercises

Stretching of arms for office exercise
· Sit straight in the chair
· Expand your arms like you are going to hug someone
· Stretch the arm as much as you can
· Come back to original state
· Repeat the exercise 2 to 3 times
These exercises benefits you for the hands which are under strain due to prolonged sitting. You can easily perform this office workout and all the muscles of hand will feel relaxed.

3. Stretching of Legs for office, exercise/ working

Stretching of Legs for office exercise working
· Stand straight near to the table
· Put hands on table
· Bend the leg backward from the knee
· Stretch as much as you can
· Come to the original position
· Try the same thing for the other leg
This office exercises benefits your arms and legs simultaneously. Upper muscles of legs will get much relaxation due to it. Thighs, which are strained due to prolonged sitting will be at ease.

4. Stretching of back For office exercises/workout

Stretching of back for office exercise workout
· Sit straight in the chair.
· Keep hands on the side handles.
· Take stomach inside
· Immediately take both the legs straight up parallel to the hip.
· Hold the position as long as you can
· Come back to the initial position
· Repeat the procedure several times
This office workout helps in reduction of back pain. Stretching of the legs creates the extra pressure in the back from behind. Back pain is the most common in the working individuals; to overcome back pain, do this exercise every two to three hours repeatedly. You will feel very relaxed while working.

5. Office exercises for the eyes

Office exercise for eyes
· Sit in the chair in relax position
· Close eyes for 15 Sec
· Open your eyes
· Now without moving head try to look to the left side as much as you can
· Hold the position for 3 to 5 seconds
· Come back to the original state
· Try the same to the right side
· Hold the position for 3 to 5 seconds
· Come back to the original state
· Again close your eyes for 10 to 15 seconds
· Do not repeat this exercise frequently.
This desk exercise is very beneficial for EYES, because we always stare at the same thing for a long duration while concentrating on the work activity. If the work is on the PC or Laptop then due to rays emitted by screen eyes will get weaker immediately. If you do this exercise the strain on eye ball will be vanished and Eyes will feel very  relaxed.

Benefits of the office exercises/workout

1. While doing the exercises you will forget the work load for a while and this reduces the work pressure.
2.  This small break  gives your mind a fresh boost for the work activity.
3. Pain caused due to prolonged sitting is no more.
4. Body and Mind both will be at ease, this gives the extra advantage to concentrate on the work.
5. Due to concentration, productivity will be more.

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