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How To Prevent Ebola Outbreak And Flu symptoms Of Ebola Virus?

Origin of Ebola Virus and where Ebola affecting the world

origin of ebola outbreak

Currently Ebola outbreak is affecting the world in very large quantity. Experts say that the Ebola virus is first found in the FOREST BATS. Then the Ebola disease is transmitted to humans by blood infection. First case of Ebola virus is registered in 1976 with one of the African countries namely CONGO. In the first attack the Ebola outbreak  took  around 280 lives and since then it is a very great threat to the humankind living all over the world. Ebola can’t be cured and this makes this disease most vulnerable and extremely dangerous. Till date scientist from all over the world were unable to find a treatment or guaranteed solution against the Ebola outbreak. Following image shows the affected countries due to Ebola disease all over the world, that mainly includes the African countries.

Affected countries  where Ebola Virus outbreaks

What are the Flu Symptoms of Ebola virus?

 Flu Symptoms of Ebola virus

  1. The first symptom of Ebola Disease is High Fever. The body temperature increases drastically.
  2. Blood  through vomiting is caused due to the Ebola virus.
  3. Blood loss from the excretory  system is also a symptom of Ebola virus.
  4. In Ebola virus infection Blood start flowing through the nostrils and mouth.
  5. Muscles and joints in the body cause very large pain.
  6. A rash appears on the skin on many locations.

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Above flu symptoms of Ebola Virus occurs in the starting phase and they all grow as the Ebola disease takes you over. The  Ebola outbreak can be called as a bloodied attack because it causes very much blood loss. Prevention is the only option available to us and we have to use it wisely against the Ebola outbreak.

How Ebola outbreaks or Ebola virus spreads?

 Ebola outbreak or the Ebola virus spread

  1. Ebola virus spreads due to the direct contact of wounds or blood or saliva or stool or vomits or urine of an infected person.
  2. Use of Skin piercing instruments used for piercing and tattooing used by the infected person of Ebola outbreak.
  3. The direct contact with the dead body of an infected person who died due to the Ebola virus infection.
  4. The eating of Ebola virus infected animals such as bats, monkeys, or any other animal.
  5. The eating of partly eaten fruits by the Ebola virus infected animals especially bats.

How to prevent the Ebola outbreak or the Ebola virus spread?

 Prevent Ebola Outbreak

  1. Anyone with the suspected symptoms of Ebola virus infection should be quarantined immediately and should be sent to the nearest health care center for further treatment.

  2. Personal things used by the Ebola virus infected person should be separated.

  3. Direct contact with the dead body of an Ebola virus infected person should be avoided and the dead body should be buried immediately.

  4. The hand should be washed with soap every time, The Ebola virus cannot survive the soap.

  5. If you use the hand sanitizer  then it is a very good preventive measure against the Ebola virus.

  6. Do not share sharp objects such as razors, knife, needle because there is a chance of blood contact.
  7. Always be sure of the kind of medical treatment you are about to undergo, In doubt double check everything.
  8. Avoid Eating outside food, Always try to prepare the food for yourself.
  9. Keep your home as much as exposed to the sunlight, Ebola virus cannot survive the heat.

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As we all know that prevention is better than the cure, but in this case Prevention is the only cure. More than 90% of people have died who got infected with the Ebola virus, All the countries in the world are on high alert because the year 2014 is till date the highest attacked year of Ebola in the history of mankind. Be safe and keep your dear ones safe and informed about the deadly  EBOLA Virus.

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