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Effects and side effects of Self medication….!!!


SelfmedicationTaking pills or choosing its amount on your own……. taking previously prescribed dose of drugs when feeling ill…. Consulting a pharmacist instead of a doctor in free for your diseases….. OR a simplest way to just taking drugs by surfing the internet…. I bet now or then every one of you is choosing the above mentioned ways to recover from diseases or illness. Being your own doctor or referring to your dear ones the pills on your own, can lead to a dangerous situation. Let’s analyze the situation by taking simple examples…

Let us assume that you are suffering through headache and having temperature. 95 % of people think that they can easily deal with this situation. You can just take the Paracetamol and will feel OK the very next day. Now just rewind the last day of your life and ask yourself these questions…

  1. Do you know which kind of fever you were suffering through?
  2. What caused you to be in that condition?
  3. Do you know how many pills of Paracetamol you have to take?
  4. Is Paracetmol is good enough for you considering your medical history.
  5. Most important why does a doctor invest so much time and money to be a DOCTOR??????

Distinguish the chest pain and the heart pain

difference between heart pain and chest pain

You can easily observe around you that many people are taking different types of pain killers for chest pain. It is a very common observation which comes under self medication. It is really very hard for a common person to distinguish between heart pain and chest pain. Some of them who is having chest pain end up with taking pills for the heart diseases and some of them who is having heart problem will ignore it and takes the dose for chest pain. Prolong medication for a wrong diagnosis not only increases the chances of growing of actual disease but it also affects the body in the disastrous manner. A chest pain is may be due to the pain in the muscles, or it may be due to indigestion issue. But what if the chest pain is due to a heart problem? You will end up taking only pain killers and heart problem will keep on increasing.

Why self medication is increasing rapidly?

Due to lack of faith on doctors is the most common answer given by many people when asked why you choose the path of self medication. We can see that many people practice the self medication, because they think that they can easily deal with stuff like cough and cold. And why not there is enough data available on internet and also from the past experience we can easily cure cough and cold. Here everyone is forgetting the cause of disease. It is true that can cure usual cough and cold but it’s also true that you can’t analyze and tell the exact cause of cough and cold you can only guess for it. Doctors are the only option one way or another which you have and you need to trust them and them only. There is a lot of difference between a doctor and a pharmacist and a common person. I don’t have to explain you further you are on your own can tell who can be the better analyzer amongst them.

There are many other reasons also due to which self medication is increasing rapidly. Now a day life style is so much fast and everyone is expected to be fit at all the time, which is not possible. This is the truth which you have to accept that YOU ALSO CAN FALL ILL. I heard it from many people that they will not fall ill or their frequency of being ill is very less. It may be a healthy life style which is benefits some people to stay fit always, but most of the time people just keep pushing themselves up to a level of serious damage.

Following are the some common drug contents which can cause serious damage if taken in improper way.


  1. Paracetamol: commonly this drug content is assumed to be safe but if you take it regularly it affects the liver very much.
  2. Digoxin: This drug is commonly considered best for heart patients. But a small change in the prescribed dose shows very different impact. It can be deadly to use this drug without instruction from an expert.
  3. Vitamin B supplement : If taken in excess amount, it causes hypervitaminosis. Extra injective dose may cause diahria, idima and clots.
  4. Vitamin E supplement: if taken for the prolong duration it can cause stomach pain, headache, bleeding etc.
  5. Pain Killers: Ibuprofen, diclofenac, espirin are the few drugs used for arthritis or joint’s pain or back pain. The more use of these can lead to a grestietis, stomach ulcer, bleeding, anemia. The patients who are suffering through high blood pressure can get a stroke due to these drugs.
  6. Sleeping pills: Ambien, rozerem, trazodone are the sleeping pills if used on regular basis, later it causes various bad effects like lack of hand and eye co-ordination, memory loss, stammering, in the old age it also causes bone weakening problem.
  7. Antidepressant:-regular use of anti depression pills can lead to angry behavior and irregular mood swings etc.
  8. Antibiotics: Now a day extra use of antibiotics is a point of discussion many times. Every antibiotics is having its own capacity to react diseases. Doctors suggest that we should not take antibiotics unless and until it is necessary. If you take antibiotics on regular basis then body develops a certain kind of resistance to it and when in the time of emergency that particular antibiotics doesn’t work.
We can summarize the topic as
  1. Never take the pills without consulting a doctor.
  2. Never refer to your friend circle or family members pills that you don’t know how they work.
  3. You can earn money if you have life but money cannot give you your life back so always consult with a doctor.
  4. It is ok to have a stock of some pills for emergency situations, but ask the doctor before using it.

 I hope this post on selfmedication is helpful for you to consider self medication in a serious way. Any suggestion and queries are always welcome,we are here to provide you a solution. Take Care.

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  1. Can u help us for differentiating the results of homeopathy, allopathy, and aayurvedic medicines..? Which is better ?

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