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Health effects of Sunlight

In Indian continent the SUN is worshiped as a god. Not only in Indian subcontinent but in many other cultures sun is considered and worshiped as a god. We all know that our sun is the ultimate source of energy. In many cultures there are different names for the God of light. And many festivals are also related to the sun. In India Makar Sankrant, Pongal, Madhi Uttarayan are the different names for a festival that stands for worshiping the Great god of light…THE SUN. In old cultures like UNAN and ROM God APOLO is considered as a god of warmness and light. As the mankind made progress with the help of science, man felt deeply that sun is the origin and basic element of whatever is happening around him.

effects of sun


The science told everything……

effect of Ultraviolet or UV rays

As the science and scientific view became mature it revealed all the benefits as well as flaws of the sunlight. Scientific studies also revealed that sunlight contains the harmful ultraviolet rays which mostly affect the mankind as well as the Mother Nature. These ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer or deficiency of vitamin A. The ultraviolet rays can also cause cataract and glaucoma which are the diseases of eye. Though all these things are true but the way now we look towards sunlight is wrong. These things forced us to look at sunlight as an evil but it’s not.

Deficiency is harmful not exposure…..!!!

Vitamin D dificiency effects

Deficiency of sunlight is more harmful than exposure of sunlight. Recently world health organization published a report which is based on collective conclusion of different studies. The report states that the undesired effects of non exposure of sunlight are far greater than effects due to exposure of sunlight.

Advantages of ‘D’ company…!!!


Don’t be surprised … I am not referring to a group of gangsters. What I mean to say here is Group D vitamins which are mainly responsible for the calcium metabolism and neuromuscular technique or self-defense technique of body i.e. immunity power. Reduction in the rate of calcium metabolism is a result of deficiency of vitamin D, which further results in the weakening of bones. This reduced bone strength causes very serious complications such as pain of joints or pregnancy and delivery problems for women’s. Now a day’s different kinds of medical research gives us the benefits of vitamin D. The research also revealed that if vitamin D is properly balance in our body then it reduces the chances of TB by 32%. If very much of exposure of sunlight is causing skin cancer then proper exposure of sunlight is saving us from breast cancer, lung cancer, and cancer of prostate by providing us appropriate amount of vitamin D. New research also states that vitamin D is also helpful in heart diseases.

Sleep and sunlight

sleep and sunlight

The different processes of our body are regulated by the different kinds of hormones, enzymes and biochemicals. One of them is Melatonin. This biochemical is responsible for the sleep. It is found in the studies that if you take some sunlight in the morning then secretion of melatonin is proper in the night time. Melatonin and serotonin are the biochemicals which are related with the stability of mental health. The less exposure of sunlight may lead to the depressed state of mind.

better sleep at night

Sunlight heals everything

Everyone knows that the power of sunlight destroys all kinds of bacteria and fungi for humans. We often use sunlight to dry different kind of things such as from our cloths to furniture, and many food items also. There is an old saying of ATHARVAVED in sanskrit


This means that sun can destroy all the diseases which exist in the universe.

Thank you Sun

The starting of Uttarayan is not merely an incident of space, In fact celebrating maker sankranti is an auspicious tradition followed by mankind for thanking the god of light for showering his blessings continuously. Or maybe it is a message for the young generations wrapped in the geniuses’ of their ancestors who was having the knowledge of unlimited power of SUN.

makar sankranti


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