INSOMNIA – The Disorder Of Sleep


There are many factors which are associated with the disorder of sleep. Some of which can easily observe around us are like, some people walk in their sleep, some people talk in their sleep, some of them make noises with their teeth, snoring is also a disorder of sleep but, it is so common that we consider it as a habit. More or less above all disorder doesn’t cause much trouble to the person who is going through it, what I mean to say here is that person can easily enjoy his own sleep. Though people around him may not like the noises it..!!!

We can say sleep is a very wonderful gift from our mother nature to us, if we consider an average, a normal human being sleeps around 35% to 40% of his life span. The figure may differ, but it is irrelevant for this topic. Imagine yourself in your every day routine, where you are saying good night to your loved ones…. You exchanged hugs and kisses with love…. And then you tried to sleep for 2 hrs and still you couldn’t sleep. What a pain would that be for you??????

If you are going through the same problem as mentioned above relax yourself a bit… Here are some statistics about the Sleeping disorder Insomnia…..!

Around sixty million US Citizens suffer through INSOMNIA every single year and the number is getting bigger and bigger each day….!

If someone asks me why the insomnia occurs to an individual, then I will simply put it in one line as,

“In the beginning you leave the sleep alone, Later on sleep let you be Alone…!”


Now we will discuss the reasons due to which insomnia may occur.

1. Change in Sleeping timing or Sleeping environment:-

If you move to a different location of residence or if you are travelling for quite a long time and continuously changing your sleeping time, then, there is a chance that you might meet the INSOMNIA. This kind of insomnia doesn’t last for a very long time, it may extend up to a week because by the time either you become familiar with the new environment or you join your old familiar environment.

2. Stress or Tension:-

The factors causing stress and tension are abundant in nature, And those always vary persons to persons . A person himself has to find out on his own the reasons behind his stress. Stressed mind can’t function properly, stress affects the body so much that whole metabolism collapses. For a normal person, it is important to be at normal thinking level before going to sleep. If your thinking process is not stable then it is really hard for your brain to function normally. Sleeping requires the brain to be in normal position.

3. Excessive use of mobile phones or any gadget:-

Now a day many social android apps causing excessive use of mobile phones or laptops or i-pads. You can observe that how many people, including yourself, take their mobile phones to bed, even if you are going to sleep. Many people are so obsessed with their mobile phones so they always keep their mobile phone near to their pillow. These gadgets are making us to give less and less time to sleep. Late night chatting or talking on the phone gives us nice feel, but it damages the sleep and ruins the freshness of the next day. So these are some habits commonly known as bad bed habits which lead to insomnia. A body or mind becomes so habituated to the mobile or laptops that you can’t sleep unless you spend time with the gadget. Avoid bad sleeping habits. Don’t use your bed for other activities apart from sleep and sex.

4. Medication:-

There is always one rule that everyone should follow is never do self medication i.e. Don’t take any pill unless it is prescribed by the doctor. All types of pills which are available in the market are always tested on a group of individuals. But when it comes to you, you have to check it for all types of allergies or medical problems that you have undergone. There are some pills which may cause you insomnia. If you are facing problem with sleep, after taking some medication, then report to your doctor with the problem.

5. Alcohol and nicotine consumption:-

Alcohol is considered to be an ingredient for sleep and which is also true. But Alcohol consumption reduces the natural ability of yours to fall asleep. Consumption of alcohol causes trouble in mode of deep sleep, it affects the nervous system that’s why it loses control over sleeping process. This kind of insomnia can only be reduced with the help of good eating and drinking habits.

One needs to be honest throughout the day with self to take a good Sleep at Night.”

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