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How To Lose Weight In Faster and Healthy Way?

How to Loss Weight?

People usually think that Eating and gaining weight are directly proportional but if you observe the whole scenario closely you will come to know that eating habits and weight gain or loss are directly proportional. Your eating habits basically include

1. Type of food you take

2. The time when you take food, and

3. The environment in which you eat your food

At a glance these three things looks very simple to maintain but the daily routine of yours makes it impossible to achieve your target. But if you want to achieve the target of weight gain or weight loss you have to maintain the three key points mentioned above. Also there is a very important thing to mention is that you need a constant desire to reduce your weight. You have to train your mind in such a way that every time you think of eating something you must think about your weight. In this article we will see the best tips to lose weight.

Eat slowly/ Chew properly.

Eat slowly and chew properly

Whatever you eat, eat slowly. We eat everything in a habitual manner but eating is a very delicate process and you have to handle it in a proper manner. Never eat anything in hurry. Our body always takes 15 to 20 minutes to recognize the food we have eaten. If you are feeling very hungry then also give your body some time to feel the food you have eaten up. The process of eating slow makes the proper mixture of saliva and food such that food gets easily digested and you stomach also feels like full. Also eating slow gives us a joy of eating we can feel the taste in every bite that we are taking. For a instance consider you are eating delicious Chocolate cake….! What difference it will make in taste if you take a single bite and if you eat the whole cake? Answer is nothing….!! The taste you feel in the first bite will be the same in the last bite when you finish your delicious chocolate cake, It is just our tongue which want more n more always.

2. Keep Dish Small in size

Small dish size

Keeping the size of Eating dish small helps you to reduce the intake food you take. For example consider a bowl full of Ice cream and consider a cup of ice cream. It doesn’t matter if you choose a bowl or a cup, the joy of eating Ice cream will be same in both the cases. The no of calories increases as the size of your bowl increases. The same scenario is valid while taking meal. Small portions of your meal decreases your calories intake.

3. Drink More Water

Drink more water

Water is an incredible ingredient available in the nature which can drastically reduce your fat content from the body. According to recommendations of doctors a human being should consume at least 3 to 5 liters of water every day. Water itself is an antioxidant remover. Drinking water on regular intervals keeps your stomach full, so that you will never feel hungry. An empty stomach eating always takes you towards fat. If you drink water 10 to 15 min before the meal then it is very beneficial for digestion. There is a trick to drink more and more water…. Just replace your Coke, pespsi, soda, and other unhealthy juices by water. By using the water you can lose weight fast.

4. Prefer to keep more fruits in stock

Keep fruits in stock

Keeping more fruits in stock with you will always force you to consume them. By carrying a fruit with you always allows you to choose fruit over other snacks whenever you feel hungry. This will help you for weight loss.

5. Home cooked is always good

Home cooked

If you stick to the home cooked food it keep you away from unhealthy food which contains excessive calories. Whatever we cook in our home we cook it with less oil n spice n less salt. Outside food is most of time oily an unhealthy. If you want to loose weight fast then you must stick to home cooked food.

6. Never skip breakfast

Never skip Breakfast

Eating Breakfast early in the morning helps your body to regulates its metabolism rate and provide enough sugar to maintain the proper energy level. It is a very good habit for an individual who want to lose weight as well as want to stay fit. Taking early breakfast keep you less hungry for the lunch. Breakfast also helps you to reduce the lunch to sufficient size.

7. Prefer less salty food

Eat less salt

Preferring less salty food keeps level of water balanced, as we excrete more water the more we lose weight, but salt is a such ingredient which hold up the water content. Salt doesn’t allow our body to excrete the water due to its water holding property which results in the less weight lose.

8. Never skip on exercise

Exercise should be balance if you want to lose weight fast. Mixture of proper exercise like weight lifting and cardio is very much beneficial. If you can go for heavy weight lifting the it is a faster way to lose weight because it increases fat burning effect and converts fat into muscle. If you can do meditation or yoga with support to your exercise the it is very much beneficial.

9. Be stress free

Dont take stressDont take stress

Many of my friends complain that whenever they are under pressure or under stress they always turn towards unwanted eating. Especially girls tend to eat more and more chocolate when they are stressed. It is proven by scientifically that a stressed person eat more food and burns less calories than a tensed one. That’s why always be stress free and it will help you reduce your weight fast.

10. Take a casual walk after few intervals

Take a walk after your mealTake a walk after your meal

Never sit only in one place for a prolonged time, Take a walk after specific time duration. Specify the time duration to around 4 to 5 hours. Visit to a friend desk if you are in the office or you can take a look at the awesome view from your window, or you can just go and drink a glass of water from the purifier, the choice is upto you but keep in mind that never sit in a place for prolonged time.

Follow above 10 ways to lose your weight in healthy manner. If you liked my post then please share it among your friends. If you follow some other ways to reduce weight then share it your experience via below comment.

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