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How To Do Mindfulness Meditation/Vipassana


Meditation is a term which is associated with the healthy state of mind. A healthy state of mind can be defined as a complete awareness of the emotions, strong feeling of all senses, and full command over thoughts. To achieve the healthy state we have to follow and practice the few steps and you can discover the great power of Mind. The technique of mindfulness meditation was discovered by Gautam Buddha and then it became a part of a daily life of bhikku’s. We can say mindfulness meditation is for the peaceful state of mind and which is very much very much needed. This article describes the need, process, and benefits mindfulness meditation.



  1. STRESS IMPACT: – Now a day lifestyle is full of stress. In every aspect of life there is competition.
  2. Health issues: -Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very hard.
  3. A state of concentration: -Lack of concentration is the main problem while doing any activity.
  4. Peace of mind: – For keeping the mind healthy Peace of mind is very essential.

The process to follow for mindfulness meditation

  1. How to select a  place or environment for mindfulness meditation

How to select a  place or environment for mindfulness meditation

Selection of place is a very important thing for mindfulness meditation. Always select a place which is less noisy. The place should be full of fresh air to breath. If you go to the sacred place, then it will be very good. Because sacred places always have a certain kind of impact on us which is beneficial for meditation. Try to select a place which does not remind you any type of emotions. Because if you are not stable emotionally, then, it is very hard to concentrate in meditation.


  1. How to select a posture for mindfulness meditation

How to select a posture for mindfulness meditation

As the ancient practitioner of meditation guides that flow of energy in the human body is very good if your posture of meditation is erect. If we bend the body while practicing meditation, then energy flow is discontinuous and it is not desirable. Only sitting straight while doing anything gives you very helpful results. Sitting straight creates a type of alertness and you can easily check it. So while will meditation sit straight, spend some time in the beginning on your posture, try to feel the way you sit imagine the picture of yourself in your selected posture, this will help you in the beginning to settle down. Don’t try the different postures, select the one in which you are comfortable and stick to it.

  1. Where to look while doing mindfulness meditation

Where to look while doing mindfulness meditation

The GAZE should be always in front of your nose and it should be downward. We should try to look at minimum things around us while performing meditation. This will help you to concentrate, in mindfulness meditation we are trying to be with our mind for that we have to clear the air in the mind. The name MIND-FULLNES-MEDITATION itself suggest that your mind should be full of meditation only.

  1. How  to control the breath in mindfulness meditation

How  to control the breath in mindfulness meditation

We have to take a breath slowly in and leave the breath slowly out. But while breathing in and out, take a full breath in and leave the breath slowly as normal as you can. This breath in and out process helps you to to concentrate. When you concentrate on breathing process automatically your mind let go the other thoughts. And this repetition gives you a very good type of inner calmness.

  1. How to control the thoughts in mindfulness meditation

How to control the thoughts in mindfulness meditation

If I tell you not to think about elephants for a minute, then what will you think about? You will definitely think about elephants isn’t it? An idea or thought is the greatest virus in the world. If we just think about anything for a while, then it is not very easy for our mind to get rid of it. Thinking is a very versatile process if we want to control the thoughts, then mindfulness meditation is the best way. In the beginning controlling your thoughts is very hard. For that try to concentrate by keeping a small thing in front of you. I will suggest a flower. When you keep a flower in front of you then admire the beauty of the flower, its shape, attractive fragrance, etc..  This process will help you to keep all other thoughts away from your mind.


Benefits of mindfulness meditation

Benefits of mindfulness meditation

  1. Mindfulness meditation creates Decrease in the stress level.
  2. Mindfulness meditation helps you to discover your true commanding power over the thoughts.
  3. The concentration level will increase tremendously because of mindfulness meditation.
  4. Increase power over your emotions can be achieved by mindfulness meditation.
  5. Greater awareness of senses can be generated by mindfulness meditation.
  6. Immunity power increases and helps in the regular treatment of diseases extremely.
  7. The output capacity of an individual is increased greatly.
  8. You can be a better person because of mindfulness meditation as it helps you achieve calmness.
  9. Discovering your own thoughts about yourself makes you less lonely.
  10. Your worries will be disappeared because you will be very focused.

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