natural hair care in monsoon

Natural Hair Care Tips For Monsoon

Natural Hair Care Tips

Hair issues become more frequent throughout the monsoons. Acid rain, humidity, and the dirty rainwater cause the hair problems. We are talking body aches, hair breakouts, hair fall, frizzy and fungal infection. Whereas. Damaged hairs will still be controlled by availing the proper choices at spas and salons.  Many people from all over the world face these hair issues during monsoon. Many people’s are not having naturally healthy hairs from their childhood for those it is very normal to use styling products, but it will very dangerous to use these kind of product. Because these products contained some harm chemicals which is not so good for hairs. The subsequent hair care tips and tricks will assist you get obviate hair and scalp issues throughout the monsoons.

Hair care with Vinegar

Before shampooing wash your hair with vinegar. Doing this helps to form your hair look shinier and cleaner  and, it remove dandruff.

Hair care with Olive Oil

Olive Oil also good for shine conditioning. If you want to add extra effect then add Honey with olive oil and apply it on hair. After applying it on your hair wash it after 2hrs using mild shampoo.

Hair care with Amla remedy

Hair fall remedy for traditional hair – Take 1/2  cup of amla powder, and mix 2 tablespoons of castor oil in it. Then add one egg and make into a sleek mixture. Apply it on hair and scalp. Wash your hair after 30 min.

herbal natural hair care tips

Hair care using Herbal shampoo

We need shampoo to remove dandruff and clean our oily scalp. Strong shampoo will directly affect on our scalp resulted hair fall because of harm chemicals and without shampoo, it is impossible to wash your hair properly. Therefore, you need to wash your hair often with a light/mild shampoo or herbal shampoo. One more reason for shampoo oily hair daily is as a result of your hair could become limp throughout monsoons and solely shampooing is the option. Shampoo daily If your hair caught daily in the rain water.

proper diet hair care tips

Hair care with proper diet

Protein is the most vital nutrient for healthy hair. So, if you want to take proper hair care, you need to eat foods which are a rich source of protein. You should take your meals at the proper time and avoid eating oily foods. There are some foods, which contain a rich source of protein like eggs, carols, green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, soya bin, low fat daily product like curd etc.

Following are Natural Hair Care Tips For Monsoon

In monsoon hair care tips


  • Most of the days try and defend your hair from rains, however, that’s one thing not possible as we tend to get caught in rains a minimum of once during a while.
  • Apply mild shampoos and don’t forget to use a conditioner during this season 
  • At night massage your hairs with a mixture of  warm coconut and almond oil
  • In monsoon  season you invite fretful scalp due to dandruff or other reasons. For such irritating scalp applying margosa (neem) oil on your scalp.
  • Instead of organic shampoos and conditioners use herbal products to take care of the natural shiny look of the hair.
  • Hair coloring is not a decent plan during this monsoon season Keep it as natural as possible.
  • Beer is a good conditioner. At the start wash your hair with beer and after a couple of minutes, wash it off with cold water. This helps you to add glow to your hair.

It is equally important to take care of hair as you take care of your face and skin. Following are the best hair care tips.

  • Dink water 4 to 5 liter each day
  • Oil your hair thrice a day with coconut oil

natural hair care tips using comb

  • Comb your hair with a wide toothed
  • Do not your dry hair when it is wet
  • Do not share your comb with anyone
  • Keep your hair short (for men)
  • To wash hair avoid hot water instead use warm water

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