Think you have ebola

What You Should Do If You Think You Have Ebola

The deadly virus is causing numerous deaths all over the world, There are a few precautionary measures that you should take, if you think you are contaminated with the Ebola virus.

Steps to follow if you think you have Ebola

1. Don’t panic

People usually rush directly to the emergency rooms and become panic about the situation of theirs, take long breath there is no benefit of panicking, take a deep breath and calm yourself.

2. Be Sure

Just a mere thought of Ebola infection is very frightening. Therefore, one should be very sure of infection, for ensuring the infection you should be aware of Ebola symptoms.

After checking with the symptoms, if you are still in confusion then ask a simple question to yourself that,

Did I come in direct contact with a person who is affected by Ebola, or Ebola infected person’s blood or vomit or any type of physical thing which may contain blood?”

If the answer is NO then there is 99% chance that you are not affected by the Ebola virus, then you can check your symptoms with the flu.

But if the answer is YES, then you should continue to follow the steps.

3. Quarantine Yourself

After the confirmation with yourself now it’s time for you to take care of your dear ones. Pick up your phone and inform your doctor the whole situation, tell him that you want to be in the thoroughly examine yourself for the final confirmation of Ebola, the final confirmation can be done by a proper physician or a blood test in the lab. Inform your loved ones that not to come in contact with the things that may be contaminated with your blood. The Ebola virus is not transmitted by air, it is only transmitted by direct contact of Ebola affected blood.

4. Call an ambulance

Never use your private vehicle to go to the emergency room. There are some protocols to follow and all the medical teams in USA and other countries are well aware of those protocols. If you prefer an ambulance it will automatically become a precautionary measure for everyone.

5. Quarantine personal belongings

If there is a confirmation that Ebola infection is final then all the personal belongings of an Ebola infected person should be separated, all the separation should be done by experts who are trained to deal with Ebola infection. A high precaution should be taken by all the persons involved in the process.

Ebola Virus

For better understanding of Ebola symptoms and Flu symptoms refer the table

Ebola symptoms
Flu Symptoms
Uncommon Symptoms
Bleeding through opening No bleeding Bleeding from openings
Headache Headache  
Diarrhea No Diarrhea Diarrhea
Red eyes No red eyes Red Eyes with bleeding
Raised Rash Rash  
Stomach pain May be stomach pain  
Chest Pain Chest Pain  
Severe weight loss Partial weight loss  
Muscle Pain Muscle Pain  
Vomiting Vomiting  


By referring the above table you can distinguish the major difference in symptoms that Flu does not cause any type of bleeding while Ebola make you bleed all the time.

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